Before & After

Testimonial Arne Louw

Products Used:

  • Enzymatic peel
  • Postbiotic Gel
  • Transform serum

Results after 2 weeks.

Marizelle from Dr K did a Postbiotic Resurfacing Enzymatic peel following with a microneedle treatment with Dr K Transform serum on my skin 6 April.
Me struggeling with Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation most of my adult life and being a skin specialist I am used to all tipes of Skin resurfacing treatments.

The treatment itself was very comfortable without the “stinging” sensation I am used  to. At first I did not see much of a difference accept for my skin feeling tight. But after a week I could see slight peeling. After that my skin was tight, hydrated, with improved skin texture and more even skin tone.

Thank you Dr K, this was a very pleasant experience!

Arne Louw



My daughter, Bella, is 3 years old and has ‘suffered’ with Keratosis Pilaris since a few months old. It progressed from her cheeks to her upper arms and then to her bum and thighs. I have taken her to 2 dermatologists and a Paediatrician who all said its genetic and there isn’t really anything one can specifically do but that sunlight and exfoliating helps. Being very fair skinned, I didn’t want the sun to be part of her solution and even though keratosis pilaris is as a result of keratin build up blocking the pores, exfoliating made little to no improvement. And, although it isn’t sore or harmful, it looks unsightly and sometimes the odd pore gets red and inflamed. I have tried many products, all recommendations, but to no avail. A friend told me about Dr K Repair and Protect and I, like with anything new, was excited to try it, always hopeful that something has to work. After just a week, I noticed an improvement. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I kept the good news to myself and I continued religiously using the serum to ascertain if it was the reason for the improvement. Well, all I can say is that this product has indeed been a gift of magic for my daughters skin. The improvement is incredible!! The inflammation has disappeared completely and the texture of her skin has become smoother and softer. Not only is this obvious to those close to her but friends and family have commented on the improvement too! The serum spreads very easily so a tiny amount is all that is needed to treat a large area. This product will forever be part of her skincare routine! From an extremely thankful, relieved, happy hearted mum!

Kelly Brown

Products Used:

  • Exfo Cleanser
  • Purify
  • Hydrating Complex

Results after 2 weeks. Photo 1 week 0, Photo 2 after 2 weeks

I had the wonderful opportunity to test a few Dr K products, specifically the Exfo Cleanser, Acne Control Serum and Hydrator. The product house as well as the products itself are clean cut, with interesting and unique technology. I like the soft, neutral packaging as well as the fact that there are not a vast number of products, making the skin care routine in the mornings and the evenings so much easier. I loved the products that I used and could really see a difference in my skin despite the influence of medication and huge amounts of stress.

It surprised me that the Acne Control Serum absorbed so easily as it has a thicker consistency. I liked the matt-effect that it gave me as it helped to control my skin’s oil production. On the days that I forgot to use the products my skin was a lot shinier. I also liked the fact that my makeup didn’t make any crumbles when I applied it over the product. It did dry out my skin, and that’s where the hydrator played a very big role. I loved the soft texture of the hydrator and my skin felt a lot better when I used it. I had to get used to the cleanser as I usually use a foamy cleanser, but it did its job. It exfoliated my skin when I left it on or even when I just washed my face and my skin slowly became softer and lighter.

Products Used:

  • Exfo Cleanser
  • Skin Hydrator
  • Skin Protector

Results after 2 weeks.

Dr K’s products changed my life! I never thought that anything could work on my skin as I have been suffering with eczema, very dry skin and skin that peels off for more than 10 years. I have tried every product on the shelve and even consulted with dermatologists. The only thing that helped was cortisone, but it made my skin very thin and it was still dry. Dr K’s products helped me so much that I don’t even need cortisone anymore!

The skin under my eyes and around my lips where my problem areas were, are now soft and I don’t have any patches of dry skin anymore. For the first time, I could see a difference within two weeks of using the product. Thank you, Dr K, that I can now face life head-on and that I can go out into the world with confidence!

And a special thank you to you, Marizel, for always checking up on me and asking how I am. For giving advice and really caring and for helping me to get my skin where it is today. Without you and Dr Juanita’s sincere care, my skin would never be what it is today!