Professional Treatment

Testimonial Arne Louw

Products Used:

  • Enzymatic peel
  • Postbiotic Gel
  • Transform serum

Results after 2 weeks.

Marizelle from Dr K did a Postbiotic Resurfacing Enzymatic peel following with a microneedle treatment with Dr K Transform serum on my skin 6 April.
Me struggeling with Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation most of my adult life and being a skin specialist I am used to all tipes of Skin resurfacing treatments.

The treatment itself was very comfortable without the “stinging” sensation I am used  to. At first I did not see much of a difference accept for my skin feeling tight. But after a week I could see slight peeling. After that my skin was tight, hydrated, with improved skin texture and more even skin tone.

Thank you Dr K, this was a very pleasant experience!

Arne Louw