Over the last 10 years I have worked with and have been introduced to numerous facial products. At first I was sceptical hearing about yet another product launch but I was pleasantly surprised by what the Dr K products have to offer. After using it for only two weeks I already saw significant changes on my own skin. I love how one can simply use the exfo cleanser and one of the serums and see amazing results. The fact that it is so well priced made me able to suggest it to several of my patients. Some of these patients have phoned me to express delight in the positive changes on their skin in such a short amount of time. This product surely adds value! I absolutely love the range and the results. Everyone should try it.

Dr Karin du Bruyn

As a teenager I did not have any major problems with my skin besides the occasional breakout . In my early twenties my skin got more sensitive to soaps with perfume and washing powders and I got eczema for the first time in my life.

I went to the doctor and it was advised to me to start using products without perfume in it. Instantly my skin got better but it resulted in me having to be more cautious with my skin. As I started working and my work environment got more stressful I start noticing that my skin was starting breaking out on my forehead and I got little bumps on my face. This continued and no matter what I tried it seemed like my skin started to get worse and my self-esteem got less.

I then met Dr. K who were a client at the time where I worked and she started advising me on how I should use her newly developed products. At first being unsure because I felt like I have tried everything. She gave me some of her products specifically focusing on my breakouts and the stress that my skin was experiencing . Within the first week I could feel the exfo-cleanser cleaning my facial skin of impurities and I used it twice a day and it was not necessary for me to use a lot because the pruduct spreads easily.

After the exfo-cleanser I would use the Dr. K acne control serum and the first thing I noticed about it was that it felt light on my skin and my skin felt refreshed. After a week of using it my breakouts got less and the bumps on my face where gone after a month. In between I would use the anti-aging serum because not only does it prevent aging of the skin but it protected my skin against everyday things that it might encounter like stress at work and environmental aggressors. I am so pleased and thankful to have found Dr. K and for the first time in my life my skin feels preserved and restored back to health by Dr. K Dermal health care.

I am so thankful that I don’t need to use aggressive products on my skin and that Dr. K has given me new hope to my skin care. I will definitely continue to use Dr. K Dermal Health Care.

Zandi Lombaard

I want to tell you about my experience with Dr K Kids Serum. Through winter I used Dr K Kids Serum on my kids. I can really say that this was the first winter without dry, red cheeks. I now make it part of their daily routine and they love it too! It doesn’t burn when they put it on and their skins are in such great condition now all thanks to Dr K Kids Serum. Bunny cream first!

Ek wil graag vertel van my ondervinding met DrK kids serum. Dwarsdeur die winter het ek DrK kids serum op my kinders gebruik. Ek kan eerlikwaar sê dat dit die eerste winter was sonder droë, rooi wange. Ek maak dit deel van hulle daaglikse roetine. Niks brand as hul dit aansit nie en hulle velletjies is puik kondisie. Alles te danke aan DrK kids serum!

Corne' Harman

I had lymes disease recently and because of it my skin was in a terrible state with skin peeling on my forehead. My daughter gave me the Dr K Serum and I started applying it morning and evening and I was so surprised at the amazing results that this product gave me. My skin felt so good, the dryness faded and all that remained was a soft and healthy looking and feeling skin. This product is definitely a must for every single person!

Henriëtte Engelbrecht

DrK Serum is a must for every skin type. My skin feels young, strengthened from the inside and every prduct that I use with Dr K feels good on my skin. This is not an expensive product and it also doesnt feel oily on my skin like a lot of the other expensive serums.

This is for sure a serum that you have to use every day of your life! This product is an amazing addition to the beauty industry. It makes my skin feel amazingly soft and good everyday.

Nanette Engelbrecht