Anti-Ageing Treatment

Products Used:

  • Exfo Cleanser
  • Skin Hydrator
  • Skin Protector

Results after 2 weeks.

Dr K’s products changed my life! I never thought that anything could work on my skin as I have been suffering with eczema, very dry skin and skin that peels off for more than 10 years. I have tried every product on the shelve and even consulted with dermatologists. The only thing that helped was cortisone, but it made my skin very thin and it was still dry. Dr K’s products helped me so much that I don’t even need cortisone anymore!

The skin under my eyes and around my lips where my problem areas were, are now soft and I don’t have any patches of dry skin anymore. For the first time, I could see a difference within two weeks of using the product. Thank you, Dr K, that I can now face life head-on and that I can go out into the world with confidence!

And a special thank you to you, Marizel, for always checking up on me and asking how I am. For giving advice and really caring and for helping me to get my skin where it is today. Without you and Dr Juanita’s sincere care, my skin would never be what it is today!